Month: March 2015


To ward off the winter blues, create things that make you happy. Tiny felt succulent & blooming cactus, hand sewn by me. Vanilla Bean & Lavender Granola with dark chocolate & slivered almonds.Lime infused sea salt for margaritas & tacos.Rosemary & Lavender infused local Indiana honey from Brendle Farm. Giving gifts to people I love brings me joy. These items were all packaged and sent out to my family & friends.

Our Wedding Day Preparation

It seems appropriate to start at the beginning. This is beginning, My husband and I were married on September the 20th of 2014. Our ceremony started at 5pm on a very beautiful day, it was officially the last day of summer. The fading sun peaked bright between the trees in the orchard of trees my mother had planted. Our friends and family gathered on bails of straw in front of a tree where we would vow our lives to each other. “I am yours and you are mine, from this day until our last”. The moment felt electric, the breeze felt purposeful and the sun blanketed us with a pure sweet light. We began, mr & mrs Boone. The reception that followed was small & intimate. We prepared the food for our guests with love. A rustic seasonal menu with locally grown & produced items. We sat at long farm tables & benches that my cousin and his wife hand crafted. White ornate mismatched plates were teaming with food. laughter echoed at the tables as …