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Our Wedding Day Preparation

It seems appropriate to start at the beginning. This is beginning, My husband and I were married on September the 20th of 2014. Our ceremony started at 5pm on a very beautiful day, it was officially the last day of summer. The fading sun peaked bright between the trees in the orchard of trees my mother had planted. Our friends and family gathered on bails of straw in front of a tree where we would vow our lives to each other. “I am yours and you are mine, from this day until our last”. The moment felt electric, the breeze felt purposeful and the sun blanketed us with a pure sweet light. We began, mr & mrs Boone. The reception that followed was small & intimate. We prepared the food for our guests with love. A rustic seasonal menu with locally grown & produced items. We sat at long farm tables & benches that my cousin and his wife hand crafted. White ornate mismatched plates were teaming with food. laughter echoed at the tables as our loved ones filled their bellies. Champagne toasts and cupcakes followed our meal and soon we had an enormous bonfire blazing. We sat by the fire and our guests sipped apple bourbon cocktails that we prepared. A sprinkle of rain passed but felt refreshing and warm. A variety of s’mores were concocted and we danced around the fire long into the night. Every moment felt right and my husband and I both agreed that the event turned out exactly how we had hoped it would. We were surround with love. The following afternoon we boarded a plane to Barcelona. We spent the long overnight flight cuddled up in each other’s arms. Overcast skies greeted us upon arrival. The railway took us into the city and we navigated the narrow streets to our hotel. That night we slept soundly tangled up surrounded by white cozy bedding. Barcelona was enchanting and enlightening. We spent evenings inhabiting tables on outdoor patios. We wove our fingers together and wandering down picturesque streets. We Silently Studied our surrounds & whispered observations to each other. The majority of the time was spent in a cloud of te Amos. We learned new words & phrases. We giggled at our mishaps & applauded our successes. The market, cathedrals, Mediterranean ocean, the gothic quarter, parc Guell, Sagrada Familia, countless restaurants, every moment spent together. We explored a new culture & had a truly refreshing adventure. A journey to begin our lifelong journey. A team, a couple, a pair, husband & wife. “My name is Anna Boone, it’s nice to meet you.”

The preparation :BooneWedding-2BooneWedding-62














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