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Below is a hybrid dessert of two of my favorite sweets. A vanilla bean meringue cup filled with chocolate mousse and topped with berries. I DIE. It is so good!

Chocolate Mousse:

So, why not make a good thing even better.  I followed the chocolate mousse recipe from How Sweet It Is. I used a mix of semi sweet and dark chocolate chips for my mousse. The recipe originally calls for a coconut whipped cream and i urge you to try it because i’m sure its delicious. If i had coconut milk in my pantry you better believe i would have topped these treats with it. 

Mini Meringue Cups: 

I used a recipe from OverThyme to create these meringue cups. I have a few tips based on my results. Drawing circle on parchment is a great way to keep your cups uniform. Make sure you flip the paper pencil side down before piping the meringue.

I added half a tsp of an organic vanilla bean paste from a pod i sliced open. Use a spoon to scoop out the insides & mix it into the meringue just until distributed. 

I may have waited too long before putting my meringue into a piping bag. It didn’t hold the shape of the piping tip very well. Lets just call these meringue cups “rustic” and “natural”.

A crunchy texture with a sweet vanilla flavor. I added blueberry greek yogurt to my cup this morning and topped it with fresh blueberries. Sweets for breakfast have been a guilty pleasure of mine since childhood. My mother was the type to let us indulge in left over brownies and cookies in the AM. Building blocks to a solid adulthood. I’m tellin ya!

There are endless combinations of filling for these meringue vessels. So experiment! They are super easy, just have be remain patient for the long low heat baking time. It is worth it! 


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