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Baby Burp Blankets 

So I have been DIYing up a storm in my excitement over our sweet baby on the way. Here is one of the many items I’ve been working on and how you can make your own too. 

We won’t know the gender of our baby for a couple more weeks but the prints and colors I chose translate to both sexes. I bought my fabrics at hobby lobby and Joann fabrics. They have tons of prints and I spent at least an hour browsing the selection. At least. 


What you need: 

  • Wrapping paper, yep that’s right and a marker  
  • Fabrics in your favorite prints and colors. I had 5/8 of a yard cut in each fabric and was able to get two blankets out of each.
  • Matching thread, pins, scissors and a sewing machine

 Take a roll of wrapping paper and use it to make a pattern for your burp blankets. You can make them in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on what you like. 

 Mine was roughly 17×10 inches. I used a drinking glass as a template to round the edges of the blanket. Some wrapping paper has a handly grid on the back of it which makes it easy to make sure your pattern is symmetrical.  

 Lay your pattern over the fabric of your choice and pin it. This will keep your cutting more precise. Make sure you cut out a front and back for your burp blanket. I picked two different fabrics because it looked so cute to me.  

 Once your have pinned the fabric together with the prints and soft material facing each other on the inside. Begin sewing your blanket. Leave an unfinished end so you can turn the blanket inside out (so the pretty prints can face outward). Use your finger to poke the corners of your blanket so they turn out. Once you are satisfied with the corners sew a final hem on the unfinished edge. 

There are endless combinations you can create. Even if yours don’t look perfect they are made with love and that is the most important part. Happy nesting! 


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