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Maternity Jeans 

Hello friends! I’m 18 weeks pregnant and I have been doing tons of DIY projects in preperation for our little one’s arrival. This project however was for my own piece of mind. I never imagined the closet melt downs that would insue after being blessed with such happy news. I mean being pregnant is amazing and I love it so much. Let’s be real though, some mornings you just want to throw on a pair of jeans and not fuss over wardrobe malfunctions. So this was my remedy. After browsing countless styles and brands of maternity jeans (some too frumpy and some stylish but far too expensive.) I decided to make my own. 


  • The jeans that I used were from Forever21 they were under $8. Heck yes! (I bought mine a size bigger than my pre preg jeans) 
  • 3 inch wide elastic from Joann fabrics under $4 
  • An old tshirt (freeee)
  • A sewing machine, thread, pins, scissors, a seam ripper


 Seam rip the zipper out of your jeans. Make sure you leave the fly flap intact so you can sew it closed. This will save you valuable inches and insure that your jeans still look “normal”. Then cut a gradual scoop from pocket to pocket to allow for maximum belly usage.     Sew a seam along the freshly cut waistband of your pants to prevent fraying (I used a straight stitch). I also cut out the pockets in my jeans and sewed them shut. This will keep your pockets from turning inside out and causing weird lumpy creases. Lay your pants out flat and cut your piece of elastic. Make sure it reaches to the end of each pocket ( or side seam of the pants). Don’t stretch the elastic out while you are measuring. Just don’t. Use an old tshirt or piece of material that matches the color of your jeans (unless you wanna get wild and use a print, I’m not wild but by all means be wild). Lay your elastic down on top of the tshirt and cut around the elastic (leave a half inch seam allowace for sewing). Pin around the waist band to garuntee that the fabric will hold the elastic tightly once it is sewn. Sew three sides of the fabric leaving one of the width opening unfinished.   Trim the excess fabric before you turn it inside out.   Slide your elastic into the fabric. I finished off both ends with a straight stitch (after folding/tucking in the unfinished side.) Just to keep things uniform.   Finally lay your finished elastic waistband over the waist of your jeans. Stretch it to each side seam of your pants. Pin the band to keep it secure while you sew it into place. Sew all four sides of the band to your jeans.   Voila! 

A pair of inexpensive and cute maternity jeans. I have to say nice to have a little normalcy in my closet as my belly grows. I hope you will have the same outcome. 



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