Month: December 2015

Birth Announcement 

Goodness, I have been busy! I’m settling in to my new mom life. Running on an average of five hours of sleep a night. I’m constantly looking down to discover that my breast is still exposed from nursing my son. I have dried spit up in my hair and It’s a good day if I only get peed on twice during daily diaper changes. My definition of busy has changed drastically since my son Julian came into the world.  I was crazed in my last week of pregnancy. I was running around trying to finish projects before my little one arrived. One of my final projects was gathering items for his birth announcment photo. I d.i.y’ed some of the items & gathered others from around the house. It took me a week to actually take the photo after my son was born but here it is… Finally! He’s three weeks old now but better late than never.     My love & light, Julian Montgomery. 

Two weeks old 

Our little muffin is two weeks old and it feels like time is ticking by too quickly. He gained 12 oz at his last visit to the pediatrician, which made me a very proud momma. He’s 7lbs 2oz now!  We are getting into the swing of things with our new routine. This is our first baby so everything seems so experimental. Slowly we are discovering our little guys preferences. Baby Julian’s eyes are wide and wandering, constantly surveying our faces. He already has such a distinct personality.  Before I became a momma I read every bit of information I could get my hands on about raising a tiny baby. I read all of the reviews on products and bought items I thought would be helpful. Until you are living with a newborn you have no idea what will work. So here is my list of favorites so far!     (Clockwise)  Nighty Night nursing light. My son nurses every 2-3 hours and this light is a lifesaver for late night feedings. It allows enough light to …

Moon Child 

On the night that you were born…. November 25th. I had spent the entire day walking the dogs, scrubbing the floors and bouncing on my birth ball. After a quiet dinner with daddy we decided to cuddle up in the bed with our puppies and watch a movie. We decided on Mad Max Fury Road (trés exciting). In the last scene of the movie I started having stronger contractions than usual. Once the credits hit the screen I felt a gush of fluid (like I had started my period, ya know). Standing in the bathroom I realized I had started bleeding quite a lot. My legs started shaking and I couldn’t collect my thoughts. I kept trying to wipe the blood up. Calls were made to the doctor followed by my husband rushing around gathering our hospital belongings. He knew I was in shock and had to help me get dressed. I timed my contractions on the way to the hospital. They started at five minutes apart and continued that way through the entire birth. …