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Two weeks old 

Our little muffin is two weeks old and it feels like time is ticking by too quickly. He gained 12 oz at his last visit to the pediatrician, which made me a very proud momma. He’s 7lbs 2oz now! 

We are getting into the swing of things with our new routine. This is our first baby so everything seems so experimental. Slowly we are discovering our little guys preferences. Baby Julian’s eyes are wide and wandering, constantly surveying our faces. He already has such a distinct personality. 

Before I became a momma I read every bit of information I could get my hands on about raising a tiny baby. I read all of the reviews on products and bought items I thought would be helpful. Until you are living with a newborn you have no idea what will work. So here is my list of favorites so far! 


Nighty Night nursing light. My son nurses every 2-3 hours and this light is a lifesaver for late night feedings. It allows enough light to ensure I’m getting a proper latch but doesn’t disrupt our lights off night time routine. I just clip it on to the strap of my bra or tank top. Its also a helpful tool for checking on my little one at night and getting out of bed to change his diaper. 

K’tan wrap baby carrier. I hate to put my baby down and I think he hates it as much as I do. This wrap allows me to get some things accomplished this him in tow. Can you say bathroom break! The wrap is made of two circles of fabric and requires little skill to put on. I’m into simplicity these days and this wrap is my jam. 

SwaddleMe original swaddler. My son kicks his legs like he has a dolphin tail when he is sleeping. Traditional swaddling technique doesn’t keep him contained. So i wrap him up in a “baby straight jacket” aka swaddler. The velcro keeps him safely secure. Again, it makes life easier. 

Aquaphor healing ointment. I registered for a variety of “organic” & “natural” diaper creams and was pretty disappointed with the short term results. Aquaphor has protected baby’s bum from red rashy trouble. 


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