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Birth Announcement 

Goodness, I have been busy! I’m settling in to my new mom life. Running on an average of five hours of sleep a night. I’m constantly looking down to discover that my breast is still exposed from nursing my son. I have dried spit up in my hair and It’s a good day if I only get peed on twice during daily diaper changes. My definition of busy has changed drastically since my son Julian came into the world. 

I was crazed in my last week of pregnancy. I was running around trying to finish projects before my little one arrived. One of my final projects was gathering items for his birth announcment photo. I d.i.y’ed some of the items & gathered others from around the house. It took me a week to actually take the photo after my son was born but here it is… Finally! He’s three weeks old now but better late than never. 

My love & light, Julian Montgomery. 


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