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1 month 

My baby is a month old! 

You can lift your head briefly and turn it from side to side. You follow us with your eyes and they don’t cross like they did before. He hates being swaddled And prefers to sleep like a little starfish, all spralled out. When swaddled, Julian grunts and kicks his legs like a dolphin fin. He also farts so loud in his sleep that it sends me and my husband into fits of giggles, It’s too much! My baby sleeps with his eyes open, like I do and he laughs in his sleep. He still doesn’t giggle when he’s awake so, it’s a nice treat to hear it at night. Julian smiled for the first time on Christmas Day while my dad was visiting. There was nothing in my life that will ever compare to that moment. 

I take a bath with my son every night. I place my hands under his back and support him so he can float. He loves it and just smiles up at me with a look of pure contentment. I make sure his skin is always moisturizer with oils and lotions. I love dressing him in all the sweet soft and warm little outfits I picked out while I was pregnant with him. 

Julian is awake during the day and takes several naps in my arms or in the baby wrap I wear. He sleeps during the night and wakes up every two to three hours to nurse. I’m still adjusting to the lack of sleep. Oh, motherhood I love it so much. 


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