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A treat for your skin 

I’m sure I am not the only one who spends way too much time roaming the aisles of target. I really do try to keep to my list but… I am not always successful in keeping surprise items out of my cart. Recently I purchased a few needed products that I thought I would share because they really are so nice. All three of these items are cruelty free & free from gmo’s. You can’t beat the price either! 

  • YOU ARE AMAZING body wash in eucalyptus mint. The fragrance is so refreshing! 
  • ANDALOU night repair cream. The cream isn’t heavy & absorbs into the skin quickly. 
  • ACURE brightening facial scrub. The fragrance is earthy and the texture is corse, which I prefer. I use it twice a week to increase cell turn over.  

The next time you are hopping around target, check out these gems. I think you might like them. I sure do. 


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