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3 months

Julian can lift his head up whilst on his belly. He reaches out with intent and grabs toys which he immediately shakes. My little guy has a hard time finding sleep & taking naps during the day, He doesn’t want to miss a thing. In the mornings I play some of my favorite songs for him while we talk & play. Julian is always smiling and he is so engaged. His eyes are full of so much light and wonder. Talking to him is my favorite thing right now, I love to hear his sweet baby responses.

 My son had a hard time with a cold he picked up from family. We ended up in the ER with concerns about his breathing. He was in such good spirits considering the situation. We were released from the hospital with breathing treatments. Upon arriving home, Julian laughed for the first time(while awake)! It was the sweetest most wonderful noise I have ever heard and it was exactly what I needed after such a scary & stressful day. 

Julian rolled over for the first time, from your back to your belly. The look on his face was priceless, such an accomplished expression. He is always experimenting with his little voice. His most exciting discovery has been his feet! They are his constant entertainment. He likes to roll over on his side and grab onto them. Oh, my sweet little baby. Tummy time isn’t torture anymore and he seems to enjoy the new vantage point while playing with toys. We discovered his ticklish spots and love sending him into tickle fits. I could listen to him laugh all day long! 


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