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Put the pieces together to find peace 

My son is 17 weeks and just had his four month check up. He’s grown so much! From 6 lbs, 9 oz to 14 lbs, 10 oz and 20.5in to 26.5in. He’s a testament to the perfection of nature and he is my breastfeeding trophy. He is really developing his personality and has some serious preferences (he likes to face out when we hold him, he doesn’t like to wear socks, he likes to sit in our laps when we are out at a restaurant). I love it! He is a little man, exploring his world, the master of his tiny universe. 
So I’ve been devoured by being a mama. Every moment and breathe I take is for my little baby. He is the still point of the turning world. Recently, I have been trying to get back to me. Incorporate my old life with my new one. 

So my first step in that was getting back to the gym. I put it off for months. My exercise release from my doctor came and passed.  I did Pilates a couple of times a week at home but that was nothing compared to my old routine. Before my babe was born I spent an hour on cardio six days a week, I did circuit training & core work. So I got back to it this time I’m pushing him in a stroller on the track while I run laps. I do core work when I have time during my sons naps. It’s not at the level is once was but damn it, I’m trying and I’m proud of myself. 

How do I say this without sounding cheesy and cliche. I love fashion, outfit concocting, playing dress up in my closet. I knew what to expect from my postpartum body, I wasn’t hard on myself or disappointed with the changes my body had gone through. This being said, I stood in my closet in total confusion trying to find an outfit that I felt comfortable and confident in. Once I found that outfit (black jeans, black top, black boots, black moto jacket) I wore it everyday. It became my postpartum uniform and I no longer put any thought into my style. This went on longer than it should have much like my relapse in fitness. So I’m focusing on using fashion as a form of self expression again. It helps me feel like, me. Which I have discovered is really important. When you are breastfeeding, changing diapers, washing laundry, making dinner, being a wife, being a mother. You deserve to do some things for yourself. It’s working for me. 

Stay tuned for outfits of the day and photos of my fitness progress! 

Sending Light & Love 


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