Month: April 2016

4 months 

We started bed sharing and it was been working so well for us. Julian sleeps in our bed every night and we are all getting so much sleep now. He “sleep nurses” and never wakes up fully until morning. Let me say that there is no better way to start your day than waking up to a sweet smiling babe.  My sons chubby little body is my breast feeding trophy. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to feed him. The moments while I nurse him are so special and I soak them in and try to save them in my mind.  This month Julian started blowing raspberries and it kills me, so cute! We are spending as much time as possible outside since the weather is warm. I lay out a blanket on the front porch and we watch the trees wave in the breeze. A couple of nights ago we ate dinner on the porch while it rained, it was wonderful.  My baby is sassy now, haha. He has a lot of preferences …


My entire fence line will be blossoming with flowers soon! I spent two hours planting powder pink peonies, ranunculuses, dahlias, callie lillies and an apricot colored rose bush. My cutting garden dreams are becoming a reality, y’all!  My son wore a little sun hat & sat under the canopy of his car seat (this seemed like the best option, he hates when the sun is in his eyes). It’s in the high 70s today and there is a light breeze, such a perfect day to be out in the garden.  Here is a photo of the vases I’ve collected. I can’t wait to fill them up with fresh flowers from my garden (excited squeals)!   


Winter feels so long sometimes and the excitement that spring brings just about made me lose my mind at lowes. The plants, the flowers, the packets of seeds… I couldn’t contain myself. I did not realize how overboard I had gone until I returned home and assessed my purchases.  I guess my eyes were bigger than, well, my garden beds. So, I planted all my starts, the kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, a few herbs and BAM I’m out of space. What the heck! So now I’m scrambling to build new beds because I’m stubborn and I can’t give up on these veggies dreams, I just can’t. That’s what I’m dealing with over here, tough life, I know. I’m hoping to have this mess sorted in the next couple of weeks. 

Random thoughts…

I buy a lot of things off amazon and I feel like there is an endless amount of boxes in my house on any given day. So, maybe Amazon could offer a courtesy box pick up, or something…. Please.   I live in Indiana and we have had frost advisories for over a week now. Wish I had checked for a weather update before I bought all of my bulbs. Im itchy to get outside and plant my roses & peonies. C’mon, weather, give me a break.  Speaking of my cutting garden, I have been thrifting cute mismatched vases of all sizes and boy oh boy, I can’t wait to fill those up with flowers. There is absolutely nothing better than fresh cut flowers in the house. Am I right?  It’s rainy today and I think my son has started teething (ugh). So, while he naps I’m going to make some banana muffins. It’s definitely a good day for some therapeutic baking.  Randomly Yours,  Anna