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Random thoughts…

I buy a lot of things off amazon and I feel like there is an endless amount of boxes in my house on any given day. So, maybe Amazon could offer a courtesy box pick up, or something…. Please.  

I live in Indiana and we have had frost advisories for over a week now. Wish I had checked for a weather update before I bought all of my bulbs. Im itchy to get outside and plant my roses & peonies. C’mon, weather, give me a break. 

Speaking of my cutting garden, I have been thrifting cute mismatched vases of all sizes and boy oh boy, I can’t wait to fill those up with flowers. There is absolutely nothing better than fresh cut flowers in the house. Am I right? 

It’s rainy today and I think my son has started teething (ugh). So, while he naps I’m going to make some banana muffins. It’s definitely a good day for some therapeutic baking. 

Randomly Yours, 


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