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5 months 

So, I’ve given Julian so mashed up banana to try (mostly play with). He isn’t quite sure what to do with them but he loves playing with the spoon. When banana actually gets into his mouth his face gets scrunchy and full of distaste. It’s pretty hilarious. I’m not forcing him to eat but it’s fun to let him experiment and he loves to make a mess, obviously. 

This child kicks his legs like a wild man and let me tell you it makes changing his diaper and getting him dressed difficult. Real difficult. He laughs now without being tickled. He cuddles me through the night and sleeps with his legs propped up on me. Julian was always so good about napping in his swing but currently will only nap in my arms which means, I’m not getting much accomplished during the day. He is currently fascinated by everything my husband and I do. While we talk Julian’s focus is always on our mouths. He seems like he is trying to make sense of our words. His little look of concentration cracks me up, his narrowed brow and pouted fish lips. 

Clearly from the photo he has concurred sitting up and fusses whenever he is layed down on his back. Sitting is the only acceptable position these days but it does lead to some falls and enevidable tears. A pillow landed pad helps. 

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