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6 months 

I’m sorry, I really suck at keeping up with my blog. Mostly, because I document everything in a paper journal for myself. 

So, what’s up? Well, Julian is six months old now. He still hates solid food but he recently had some success with watermelon & a bit of rice cereal. He can sit up and prefers to be doing that constantly. So, I’m always building him a pillow landing pad for his head, just incase. He is finally taking regular naps (holla) & is still sleeping through the night in our bed. 

What’s up with me? Oh, I don’t know. I guess I’m just really caught up in this mom role. I haven’t been going to the gym but I’m doing some Pilates at home. Which isn’t what I want but I will take it over nothing at all. My baby has a solid routine now so I need to find a healthy one for myself too. Although my diet is very clean and I’ve made it back to my pre baby weight. 

The weather is beautiful here in Indiana so I’m spending all the time I can outside. Working in the yard & taking walks in my neighborhood. I’ve got a spring cleaning fever and I am so inspired to paint the walls & cabinets in the kitchen. I’m all over Pinterest looking for swatches and color maps. 

My vegetable gardens are full of kale spinach and herbs right now. The strawberries & brussel sprouts and slowly growing. I’m disappoint in my flowers this year. I so badly wanted to have fresh cut flowers in the house. I had unrealistic expectations for them I suppose. They are still so new to produce an amount worth cutting. 

I will keep up with updates this time. I promise. . . 

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