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Just reflecting 

If I could do anything with my days what would I do? What adventures would I choose? What life would I live? 
These questions have been on my mind a lot lately. I want my life to be a strong reflection of who i am. I don’t want to lose sight of what I enjoy. Days are precious and I have I want to be fulfilled and not wanting. 

Being surrounded by nature gives me so much enjoyment, as a city dweller there is definitely a void. I want to spend more time filling my yard with beautiful flowers and growing beds full of vegetables. I want to use the bounty of my garden to make fruit pies and and vegetable stews. I want to make jelly, preserves, pickles and shrubs. I want bouquets of flowers to fill my home. 
Hiking through the forest and being near water has always given me peace. I want to spend more days out in the woods spying on animals, splashing through creeks and catching sunbeams through the canopy of trees. 

I want to host dinner parties for my loved ones. Themed events with fabric napkins, table settings, fresh flowers in vases. The full spread with a cheese board, appetizers, a roast, fancy drinks and fun desserts. I want to take photos to document the details of the event. 

Vacations are always so memorable. They give you new insight to the world that surrounds you and refresh your soul. I want to plan big trips to Tokyo and Iceland. I also want to plan day trips to an orchard near our home and a weekend visit to Chicago. 

So, here I sit reflecting on this information and planning my adventures and events for the future. 

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