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Gluten Free Tiramisu 

EditHellllllllllo. I felt really ambitious around mid day. My son was happily playing in the floor under my feet, So, I went for it! I did. I whipped up these sweet tiramisu little dream parfaits in less than 20 minutes. We went to the farmers market Saturday and had some fresh eggs ( fresh eggs are a must for this recipe) so I put them to great use.  Here is what you need:  5 eggs separated (yolks in one bowl, whites in another )  1/2 of granulated sugar  Dash of salt  Tsp of Vanilla extract or bourbon if you wild  1/4 cup of espresso or strong coffee  Lady finger cookies. I used the Enjoy Life sugar crisp cookies. They are gluten free and delicious.  Mascarpone cheese 18 oz  1/2 cup of cocoa powder  Dark chocolate square for garnish (believe me the rest of that bar will not go to waste around here)  Here is how you do it:  Alright, separate those eggs. Beat the yolk with 1/4 cup of sugar. Add in the mascarpone cheese. …

Just reflecting 

If I could do anything with my days what would I do? What adventures would I choose? What life would I live?  These questions have been on my mind a lot lately. I want my life to be a strong reflection of who i am. I don’t want to lose sight of what I enjoy. Days are precious and I have I want to be fulfilled and not wanting.  Being surrounded by nature gives me so much enjoyment, as a city dweller there is definitely a void. I want to spend more time filling my yard with beautiful flowers and growing beds full of vegetables. I want to use the bounty of my garden to make fruit pies and and vegetable stews. I want to make jelly, preserves, pickles and shrubs. I want bouquets of flowers to fill my home.  Hiking through the forest and being near water has always given me peace. I want to spend more days out in the woods spying on animals, splashing through creeks and catching sunbeams through the canopy …

Weekly inspirations:

Being a mom is exhausting and without coffee I don’t think I would survive. Most mornings it’s black and cold from neglect. A fancy coffee to start my day sounds like a dream. Here are a few of my favorites that you can make at home.  Milk & Honey Coffee Fresh Mint Iced Coffee  Lavender Latte

Weekly Inspirations:

I’m a sweets fiend. Seriously, I’ve got it bad. I usually make one goodie a week to soothe my cravings. Here are a few fun little desserts.  Food: Something sweet Beautiful spring dessert inspiration A sweet breakfast dessert  If you love macarons this will put hearts in your eyes Is anyone else making a wish list for their spring wardrobe because I most defiantly am. How could you do spring without floral?!  Fashion: Floral  Off the shoulder midi Swoon worthy crop top I’m already dreaming about bathing suits Ethereal Botanical Maxi  Sassy statement bra


Below is a hybrid dessert of two of my favorite sweets. A vanilla bean meringue cup filled with chocolate mousse and topped with berries. I DIE. It is so good! Chocolate Mousse: So, why not make a good thing even better.  I followed the chocolate mousse recipe from How Sweet It Is. I used a mix of semi sweet and dark chocolate chips for my mousse. The recipe originally calls for a coconut whipped cream and i urge you to try it because i’m sure its delicious. If i had coconut milk in my pantry you better believe i would have topped these treats with it.  Mini Meringue Cups:  I used a recipe from OverThyme to create these meringue cups. I have a few tips based on my results. Drawing circle on parchment is a great way to keep your cups uniform. Make sure you flip the paper pencil side down before piping the meringue. I added half a tsp of an organic vanilla bean paste from a pod i sliced open. Use a spoon to scoop out the …


Gluten Free Mini Banana Bread Loafs  Preheat oven to 350 degrees  Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl:  2 -1/2 cups buckwheat or rice flour  tsp cardamon  2 tsp cinnamon  3/4 tsp xanathan gum  1 – 1/2 tsp baking soda  1/2 tsp salt 1/2 cup walnuts or pecans, cranberries or raisins, maybe some chocolate chip? In a separate bowl start on the wet ingredients  4 tbsps softened butter  1 cup light brown sugar  1 tsp vanilla extract  5 egg whites 1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce  3 or 4 overly ripe bananas  cream together butter & sugar until lighter in color. Add one egg white at a time until combined. Add applesauce and Mash in bananas with a whisk until it meets your desired consistency. Mix in vanilla.   Add a 1/4 cup of dry ingredients at a time. Don’t over mix batter. Fold in a half a cup of mix’ins of your choice.  I sprayed a mini loaf pan with coconut oil spray and filled the sections to the top with batter. This recipe yields 24 …


        These were a sweet sunday treat for my sweet husband. He loves his bourbon so i devised a recipe i thought he’d enjoy.     SALTED CHOCOLATE MACARONS WITH BOURBON CARAMEL FILLING  Yields: 8 macaron Preparation:  Let eggs sit out until room temperature. Prepare two baking sheets with parchment paper. Use a pencil to draw 2 inch circles on sheet. A cookie cutter will be a helpful tool for this. Flip the parchment paper pencil side down. Gather your piping tools before you start the batter. You don’t want to let your macaron mixture sit for very long before you pipe. Preheat oven to 325F. Ingredients:  1 cup confectioner sugar3/4 cup almond flour2 egg whites1/4 granulated sugar1 tbsp coco powder Use a food processor to grind granulated sugar until super fine. I usually let mine go for a couple minutes. Put the sugar in a small bowl & set aside. Next add confectioner sugar coco powder and almond flour into food processor. I freeze my almond flour and this breaks up the cold …


To ward off the winter blues, create things that make you happy. Tiny felt succulent & blooming cactus, hand sewn by me. Vanilla Bean & Lavender Granola with dark chocolate & slivered almonds.Lime infused sea salt for margaritas & tacos.Rosemary & Lavender infused local Indiana honey from Brendle Farm. Giving gifts to people I love brings me joy. These items were all packaged and sent out to my family & friends.