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Random thoughts…

I buy a lot of things off amazon and I feel like there is an endless amount of boxes in my house on any given day. So, maybe Amazon could offer a courtesy box pick up, or something…. Please.   I live in Indiana and we have had frost advisories for over a week now. Wish I had checked for a weather update before I bought all of my bulbs. Im itchy to get outside and plant my roses & peonies. C’mon, weather, give me a break.  Speaking of my cutting garden, I have been thrifting cute mismatched vases of all sizes and boy oh boy, I can’t wait to fill those up with flowers. There is absolutely nothing better than fresh cut flowers in the house. Am I right?  It’s rainy today and I think my son has started teething (ugh). So, while he naps I’m going to make some banana muffins. It’s definitely a good day for some therapeutic baking.  Randomly Yours,  Anna 

Put the pieces together to find peace 

My son is 17 weeks and just had his four month check up. He’s grown so much! From 6 lbs, 9 oz to 14 lbs, 10 oz and 20.5in to 26.5in. He’s a testament to the perfection of nature and he is my breastfeeding trophy. He is really developing his personality and has some serious preferences (he likes to face out when we hold him, he doesn’t like to wear socks, he likes to sit in our laps when we are out at a restaurant). I love it! He is a little man, exploring his world, the master of his tiny universe.  So I’ve been devoured by being a mama. Every moment and breathe I take is for my little baby. He is the still point of the turning world. Recently, I have been trying to get back to me. Incorporate my old life with my new one.  So my first step in that was getting back to the gym. I put it off for months. My exercise release from my doctor came and passed. …

3 months

Julian can lift his head up whilst on his belly. He reaches out with intent and grabs toys which he immediately shakes. My little guy has a hard time finding sleep & taking naps during the day, He doesn’t want to miss a thing. In the mornings I play some of my favorite songs for him while we talk & play. Julian is always smiling and he is so engaged. His eyes are full of so much light and wonder. Talking to him is my favorite thing right now, I love to hear his sweet baby responses.  My son had a hard time with a cold he picked up from family. We ended up in the ER with concerns about his breathing. He was in such good spirits considering the situation. We were released from the hospital with breathing treatments. Upon arriving home, Julian laughed for the first time(while awake)! It was the sweetest most wonderful noise I have ever heard and it was exactly what I needed after such a scary & stressful day.  …

Weekly inspirations:

Being a mom is exhausting and without coffee I don’t think I would survive. Most mornings it’s black and cold from neglect. A fancy coffee to start my day sounds like a dream. Here are a few of my favorites that you can make at home.  Milk & Honey Coffee Fresh Mint Iced Coffee  Lavender Latte

Garden Goals 

The weather is warming up and some of my green friends from last year are popping up! I’m really looking forward to the garden season & I can’t wait to prep my beds. I have planned to build a couple of vertical beds for herbs & greens. I also have dreams for a cutting garden this year, who could resist fresh bouquets of flowers. I’ve never canned or pickled my produce before but I have been doing some research and I think this year I will give it a go. It will be a great opportunity to stretch the garden bounty through the winter. Picture this: Apple butter, apple pie filling, baked apples, Apple sauce, pickled radishes,pickled jalapeños & pickled beets, salsa, tomato sauce, oh and strawberry jam. It will be a lot of work but absolutely worth it!  Here is a photo of my garden from last year!             

Weekly Inspirations:

I’m a sweets fiend. Seriously, I’ve got it bad. I usually make one goodie a week to soothe my cravings. Here are a few fun little desserts.  Food: Something sweet Beautiful spring dessert inspiration A sweet breakfast dessert  If you love macarons this will put hearts in your eyes Is anyone else making a wish list for their spring wardrobe because I most defiantly am. How could you do spring without floral?!  Fashion: Floral  Off the shoulder midi Swoon worthy crop top I’m already dreaming about bathing suits Ethereal Botanical Maxi  Sassy statement bra


My biggest accomplishments today were bathing my son & cleaning my home. Is this real life? Slow sipping coffee and staring into the eyes of my perfect tiny child, planning meals for the week, folding laundry with a small babe wrapped around me, filling the house with music & burning candles while I clean. Such simple and fulfilling activities. The pace of life is slow & sweet. Being pinned under a sleeping babe while he naps is a joy. Feeling his little heart beat against my chest fills my soul with so much happiness. I love taking care of my family & keeping our nest comfortable. This is what I have always wished for. I’m living the most beautiful dream.       

2 months 

 My little guy smiles and talks (coos and babbles) so much! His personality is so big for a person so limited with words. You can read his emotions in his big blue eyes. His hand control in improving and he practices by reaching up and pulling my hair, Ha. Julian can lift his head and chest off the ground. I’m just astonished by how quickly he is growing and developing, it’s wild.  My son’s hair is still a light strawberry blonde, I never would have guessed I’d have a red haired baby. I envy his eyelashes they are so longhand beautiful! He hasn’t laughed while he is awake yet but he is constantly laughing in his sleep. So I look forward to bedtime for this reason. There is no sweeter sound than a baby giggle. 

10 weeks

What..ten weeks! Is it possible to feel like my son was just born, but simultaneously feel like he’s always been with me. Julian changes daily, the growth is astounding. I cherish every moment, every smile, every tear because I know he will soon move on to the next phase of his life and I don’t want to wish a second away.  My son is so vocal! He babbles, coos & squeals. The experimentation with the volume of his voice has begun and he has an excited and accomplished expression when he hears his new noises. I love having little made up conversations with him and watching his smile bloom as we talk. He has renewed everything in my world. As I watch him experience things for the first time it brings a new magic to the most mundane things.    

1 month 

​​ My baby is a month old!  You can lift your head briefly and turn it from side to side. You follow us with your eyes and they don’t cross like they did before. He hates being swaddled And prefers to sleep like a little starfish, all spralled out. When swaddled, Julian grunts and kicks his legs like a dolphin fin. He also farts so loud in his sleep that it sends me and my husband into fits of giggles, It’s too much! My baby sleeps with his eyes open, like I do and he laughs in his sleep. He still doesn’t giggle when he’s awake so, it’s a nice treat to hear it at night. Julian smiled for the first time on Christmas Day while my dad was visiting. There was nothing in my life that will ever compare to that moment.  I take a bath with my son every night. I place my hands under his back and support him so he can float. He loves it and just smiles up at me …