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Every morning, after breakfast, I cradle you in my arms on the sofa. You nurse while we stare into each other’s eyes until your lids get heavy and you slowly fall into sleep. I could put you in your crib and shut the door behind me but I would miss these sweet moments. Holding your tiny body against mine while you dream. I could probably get some chores done, I could wash dishes or do a load of laundry, but I’d miss the giggles you make while you dream. I could shower or comb my hair but I’d sacrifice all of those silly acts just to hold you in my arms for an hour while you take your morning nap. 


I’d like to share my postpartum experience to help enlighten others. Often the details and images are left out and there is a lot of mystery that surrounds postpartum recovery.  I wrote a birth plan full of wishes and desires that I carefully researched over the duration of my pregnancy. Out of that full page there were only a couple of things I got to check off was my list. Avoiding an episadomy was one of them. I wasn’t cut and I didn’t tear. My doctor worked with me during my labor to help prevent it. Through massage, lubrication and also slowly delivering (an hour). I had an epidural while I was on a heavy dose of pitocin (my water broke at home. So i was on the clock) but it had worn off almost completely by delivery and I could feel when I needed to push. The nurse tried to coach me by telling me to tuck my chin and bare down like I was having a bowl movement. I had learned through my …

6 months 

I’m sorry, I really suck at keeping up with my blog. Mostly, because I document everything in a paper journal for myself.  So, what’s up? Well, Julian is six months old now. He still hates solid food but he recently had some success with watermelon & a bit of rice cereal. He can sit up and prefers to be doing that constantly. So, I’m always building him a pillow landing pad for his head, just incase. He is finally taking regular naps (holla) & is still sleeping through the night in our bed.  What’s up with me? Oh, I don’t know. I guess I’m just really caught up in this mom role. I haven’t been going to the gym but I’m doing some Pilates at home. Which isn’t what I want but I will take it over nothing at all. My baby has a solid routine now so I need to find a healthy one for myself too. Although my diet is very clean and I’ve made it back to my pre baby weight.  The …

5 months 

So, I’ve given Julian so mashed up banana to try (mostly play with). He isn’t quite sure what to do with them but he loves playing with the spoon. When banana actually gets into his mouth his face gets scrunchy and full of distaste. It’s pretty hilarious. I’m not forcing him to eat but it’s fun to let him experiment and he loves to make a mess, obviously.  This child kicks his legs like a wild man and let me tell you it makes changing his diaper and getting him dressed difficult. Real difficult. He laughs now without being tickled. He cuddles me through the night and sleeps with his legs propped up on me. Julian was always so good about napping in his swing but currently will only nap in my arms which means, I’m not getting much accomplished during the day. He is currently fascinated by everything my husband and I do. While we talk Julian’s focus is always on our mouths. He seems like he is trying to make sense of our …

4 months 

We started bed sharing and it was been working so well for us. Julian sleeps in our bed every night and we are all getting so much sleep now. He “sleep nurses” and never wakes up fully until morning. Let me say that there is no better way to start your day than waking up to a sweet smiling babe.  My sons chubby little body is my breast feeding trophy. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to feed him. The moments while I nurse him are so special and I soak them in and try to save them in my mind.  This month Julian started blowing raspberries and it kills me, so cute! We are spending as much time as possible outside since the weather is warm. I lay out a blanket on the front porch and we watch the trees wave in the breeze. A couple of nights ago we ate dinner on the porch while it rained, it was wonderful.  My baby is sassy now, haha. He has a lot of preferences …

3 months

Julian can lift his head up whilst on his belly. He reaches out with intent and grabs toys which he immediately shakes. My little guy has a hard time finding sleep & taking naps during the day, He doesn’t want to miss a thing. In the mornings I play some of my favorite songs for him while we talk & play. Julian is always smiling and he is so engaged. His eyes are full of so much light and wonder. Talking to him is my favorite thing right now, I love to hear his sweet baby responses.  My son had a hard time with a cold he picked up from family. We ended up in the ER with concerns about his breathing. He was in such good spirits considering the situation. We were released from the hospital with breathing treatments. Upon arriving home, Julian laughed for the first time(while awake)! It was the sweetest most wonderful noise I have ever heard and it was exactly what I needed after such a scary & stressful day.  …


My biggest accomplishments today were bathing my son & cleaning my home. Is this real life? Slow sipping coffee and staring into the eyes of my perfect tiny child, planning meals for the week, folding laundry with a small babe wrapped around me, filling the house with music & burning candles while I clean. Such simple and fulfilling activities. The pace of life is slow & sweet. Being pinned under a sleeping babe while he naps is a joy. Feeling his little heart beat against my chest fills my soul with so much happiness. I love taking care of my family & keeping our nest comfortable. This is what I have always wished for. I’m living the most beautiful dream.       

2 months 

 My little guy smiles and talks (coos and babbles) so much! His personality is so big for a person so limited with words. You can read his emotions in his big blue eyes. His hand control in improving and he practices by reaching up and pulling my hair, Ha. Julian can lift his head and chest off the ground. I’m just astonished by how quickly he is growing and developing, it’s wild.  My son’s hair is still a light strawberry blonde, I never would have guessed I’d have a red haired baby. I envy his eyelashes they are so longhand beautiful! He hasn’t laughed while he is awake yet but he is constantly laughing in his sleep. So I look forward to bedtime for this reason. There is no sweeter sound than a baby giggle. 

1 month 

​​ My baby is a month old!  You can lift your head briefly and turn it from side to side. You follow us with your eyes and they don’t cross like they did before. He hates being swaddled And prefers to sleep like a little starfish, all spralled out. When swaddled, Julian grunts and kicks his legs like a dolphin fin. He also farts so loud in his sleep that it sends me and my husband into fits of giggles, It’s too much! My baby sleeps with his eyes open, like I do and he laughs in his sleep. He still doesn’t giggle when he’s awake so, it’s a nice treat to hear it at night. Julian smiled for the first time on Christmas Day while my dad was visiting. There was nothing in my life that will ever compare to that moment.  I take a bath with my son every night. I place my hands under his back and support him so he can float. He loves it and just smiles up at me …

Birth Announcement 

Goodness, I have been busy! I’m settling in to my new mom life. Running on an average of five hours of sleep a night. I’m constantly looking down to discover that my breast is still exposed from nursing my son. I have dried spit up in my hair and It’s a good day if I only get peed on twice during daily diaper changes. My definition of busy has changed drastically since my son Julian came into the world.  I was crazed in my last week of pregnancy. I was running around trying to finish projects before my little one arrived. One of my final projects was gathering items for his birth announcment photo. I d.i.y’ed some of the items & gathered others from around the house. It took me a week to actually take the photo after my son was born but here it is… Finally! He’s three weeks old now but better late than never.     My love & light, Julian Montgomery.